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Dr David Clarke  & Dr Matthew Clarke are eager to work with you to create a customized treatment plan which best suits your individual needs and optimises your dental health. Should you have a concern with your teeth, gums or dental appearance please contact us today so we can work with you to assess the best options available to you. Below is a short overview of some of the treatment which we can provide.


Amalgam fillings replaced with composite resin restorations.

Amalgam fillings replaced with composite resin restorations.

If we find decay (a hole in the tooth) it will most probably need us to clean that decay from the tooth and place a filling in the tooth to restore the shape of the tooth and allow you to chew on it etc. In the past these fillings have been made of a metal called amalgam which contains trace amounts of mercury, for this and other reasons such as appearance and amalgams tendency to cause cracks in teeth over the medium-long term.


Instead we use the latest generation of Composite Resin materials which we closely match to the shade of your tooth and which forms a strong bond with the tooth. These composite resins fillings once completed look almost identical to your natural tooth and are very strong and resistant to wear.

We strive to make your experience pain free, with the use of a topical (gel) anaesthetic before any injection which may be necessary we can minimise and often eliminate any sensation from the injection. Having your experience be as pain free as possible is very important to us. If you have any concerns about this part of the treatment please contact our team and they would be most happy to talk it through with you. We often deal with patients who are quite nervous about having work done on their teeth, almost universally they are surprised about how easy the experience was and how little they should have worried!

For those patients worried about amalgam and its mercury contents, we are an amalgam-free practice. Also we can remove amalgam with the aid of rubber dam for those concerned about the removal process.