It’s easy to get to the dentist South Yarra is close to our clinic. The Toorak Dental Group is easily accessible from South Yarra and is located 1.7 km from the South Yarra Railway Station.

Using public transport to get to the dentist South Yarra is a short tram ride away.

From South Yarra Station:




  • Take the Number 8 tram east to Grange Road for 6 stops. It will take about 8 minutes.
  • The Clinic is located on Grange Road just around the corner from Toorak Road.

Driving a car to the dentist South Yarra is just moments from our clinic

To get to the dentist clinic from South Yarra by car you can drive down Toorak Road. The clinic is just at the eastern end of Toorak Village shopping centre. It’s just 1.7km from South Yarra station or about 6 minutes drive.

Alternatively you can travel along the Yarra River on Alexandra Avenue and continue onto Williams Road. There are several easy routes from there such as turning left into Washington Street and then right into Grange Road. This route is longer (2.9km) but will take a similar time (7 minutes).

If you’re riding to the dentist South Yarra is a few minutes from our clinic.

From the South Yarra station the clinic is 1.7km (approximately 8 minutes) away east along Toorak Road. It’s a 21m rise from the station to the clinic so it’s all mostly downhill on the way back.